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The MICHELIN Guide has created a barometer to track the reopening of Michelin Starred restaurants around the world

The MICHELIN Guide has developed an international barometer to facilitate analysis of the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on Michelin Starred restaurants.

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By creating this barometer, we want to take the pulse of global gastronomy in order to inform and build awareness of our ecosystem. We hope that this evidence will highlight a sector that radiates economically far beyond the doors of restaurants”, commented International Director of the MICHELIN Guides, Gwendal Poullennec, on May 19 when the barometer was issued.

Each week, the barometer will record the number of Michelin Starred restaurants which are open and will present the information for 35 destinations. The integration of establishments is based on a specific criterion, as restaurants must demonstrate that they are open at least three days per week to be included. Every Tuesday evening, data from the previous week will be updated and a qualitative comment will analyse the situation. The barometer was launched in week 10 of 2020 (02/03 – 08/03).

The tool is designed to provide both the food service and wider tourism sectors with a real-time overview of the rate at which Michelin Starred restaurants across the world are reopening.

With its strong international presence, the MICHELIN Guide is calling on the support of its specialists to update the tool. Inspectors of the Guide are leveraging all their local gastronomic expertise and knowledge to gather information. Depending on the situation in each country, restaurant data will be collected either in the field, by phone or through digital research.

Comment week 21:
In week 21 the worldwide situation is improving, with 27% of Michelin Starred restaurants open (842/3165), compared to 21% in week 20.

In Europe, many restaurants continue to reopen in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. Denmark has also started to reopen, with 58% of Michelin Starred restaurants resuming operation in week 21. In Asia, the situation continues to progress, especially in Japan with 71% of Michelin Starred restaurants now open compared to 65% in week 20.

Comment week 20:
In week 20 the worldwide situation has continued to improve with 21% of Michelin Starred restaurants open (653/3165), compared to 14% in week 19.

In Europe, restaurants have started to reopen in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Croatia – as well the first restaurant in Italy. In Asia, the situation continues to progress, especially in Japan with more small restaurants run by local chefs reopening.

Looking to actively support the world of gastronomy during this period of crisis, the MICHELIN Guide will make the results of its barometer available on its website:

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