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Features 4 minutes
Spotlight on Chefs: Memories, Mentors & Motivations

Chefs from MICHELIN Star restaurants in the UK & Ireland tell us about their careers

Features 5 minutes
Spotlight on Chefs

Chefs from three UK and The Republic of Ireland MICHELIN Star restaurants talk about their mentors and daily inspiration

Features 4 minutes
Spotlight on Chefs

Three chefs from UK MICHELIN Star restaurants reveal how they got started and the advice they have for aspiring young chefs

Features 7 minutes
Spotlight on Chefs

We asked chefs from some of the UK's Michelin Star restaurants to talk about those who helped them get where they are today.

News & Views 1 minute
MICHELIN Guide 2020: Stars & Awards Announced

Four New Two Star and Seven New One Star Restaurants are Featured in the Nordic Countries Guide 2020

Features 3 minutes
Michelin-Starred Restaurants run by Husband-and-Wife Teams

As if working in a top restaurant isn’t stressful enough, some people choose to do so with their spouse.

Dining Out 1 minute
A MICHELIN Star: Bresca (Video)

“I’ll never forget—11:04 a.m., I was parking my car right down the street and I got the phone call,” executive chef/owner Ryan Ratino recalls of when his D.C.-based restaurant received its first MICHELIN star.

People 3 minutes
Chef Interview: Vilhjalmur Sigurdarson, Souvenir, Ghent, Belgium

Winner of One Michelin Star in the Newly Launched Michelin Guide Belgium & Luxembourg 2020

Features 2 minutes
Michelin Guide 2020: Scotland Celebrates Two New Stars!

We Take a Closer Look at the Country’s Newest Michelin-Starred Restaurants

News & Views 1 minute
Michelin Guide 2020: Stars & Awards Announced

1 New Three Star, 4 New Two Stars and 23 New One Stars are Featured in the Great Britain & Ireland 2020 Guide

Dining Out 3 minutes
The Absolute Best Restaurants In Hollywood

Tinseltown has much to offer when it comes to good food.

News & Views 1 minute
One Michelin Starred Burnt Ends To Open Its Sister Restaurant In Maldives With A Seafood Focus

Called The Ledge, the barbecue restaurant will open in The Waldorf Astoria Maldives Ithaafushi Hotel in July.

Features 1 minute
The Michelin Main Cities of Europe Guide 2019: Stars Announced

1 new Three-Star, 7 new Two-Star and 44 new One-Star Restaurants

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